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The money we give in support of this congregation pays the bills and assures we meet

other financial obligations.  And it is about so much more.

Our financial commitments are about meaning –

what this congregation means to us and for us in our lives from day to day.


Our financial commitments are about compassion –

how we support one another and how we reach out to others in times of need. 

Our financial commitments are about justice –

how we add our voices to calls and causes for a world where all are respected

and we know ourselves to be part of this interdependent web of life.   

Our financial commitments are about our children –

how we want our children to grow and what we want them to learn.

Our financial commitments are about the future -

how we can ensure this congregation is here for those who come after us with hopes

and dreams and needs in their time as we have in our own.

As a colleague said, communities of faith “are precious and rare, life-changing institutions. . .  

They touch people and they are meaningful in people’s lives in ways that most of us can only guess at. . .

A church, finally, is nothing more than its people and what they bring to it: their faith, their vision,

their collective hopes and dreams, their memories and their customs, their history, their prayers,

their good works, and their values.”

In all we bring and in all we give, including our financial support,

may we be as generous as we are able.

This is a precious place where lives are changed..

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