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From the heart
It's Our Future: Green Legislation Forum
September 2019 at First Parish in Framingham
The Climate Action Team hosted a forum in September 2019 with all Framingham City Council candidates. I had the honor of making brief opening remarks for the forum. An excerpt of my remarks begins at the 49 second mark.

Friendly and Welcoming


Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters. Talk to people you know. Talk to people you don't know. Talk to people you never talk to.

                                  Margaret Wheatley


We are here because we want to belong to a community where our faith deepens and our spirit is renewed in the company of those who share our values, and our questions. We appreciate the many perspectives and varying experiences each of us brings to our life together.  We treasure the companionship, connection, caring, and challenge.   

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There was a time when the news of more snow was the cue to get out my snow shoes.  I love the softened quiet poured over the land by snow cover.  I love the contours of stone wall and forest revealed by tiny flakes come to rest on rock and limb. 

Some of the very best days of winters past are the ones I spent in Yellowstone National Park.  Winter is magic in the park.  The magic of the wolves making their way through the Lamar Valley, so graceful and alert.  The magic of the buffalo, often gathered near thermals, use their massive heads and necks to clear away snow in search of food – an animal whose eyes see with the collective experience of kindred animals who roamed the plains centuries before.  The magic of earth’s core, glimpsed while walking geyser trails in the company of a raven and a coyote. A winter experienced in such a way brings with it a readiness for Spring – of the time being right and the moment now come for rebirth to begin.

This winter – with the news of one more winter storm warning – has left me more in need of than ready for Spring.  I simply need to move on.   Or perhaps I need reassurance. The tiny crocus. The sound of the Spring Peepers.  Something that signals the move toward rebirth and renewal. However you come to this time of the change of seasons – may the signs of rebirth greet you and inspire you.  May the coming of Spring offer encouragement and hope.

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